sweater quantity library FAQ


What is the Sweater Quantity Library?

The Sweater Quantity Library (SQL) is a collection of historical colorways, available to order at any time, across all bases, in quantities of 3 or more (a "sweater quantity").

How do the minimum quantities work and why?

In order to offer the SQL year round, I need to make it practical for myself to dye up historical colorways in quantities that don't create large amounts of extra inventory in the studio. While all colorways are available here, there is a minimum order quantity of 3 skeins per colorway / base. An example of this would be 3 or more skeins of Puffer Coat on baby suri - but not 2 skeins of Puffer Coat on baby suri + 1 skein of Puffer Coat on sock (a total of 3, but not all on the same base). You may of course order more than 3 skeins at a time, but no less than 3.

What is the timeline for SQL orders?

You can expect your order to ship between 4-6 weeks of your order date. This allows me time to order any bases or supplies needed for your order, if not already in stock at the studio, and work these orders into my production schedule.SQL orders do NOT affect existing pre-order timelines.

Can I combine an SQL order with an existing order I have with you?

You absolutely may - I request that you put your existing order number you'd like to combine with into the comments section when checking out, or send me an email of the two or more orders you'd like to combine. Please note that because SQL orders are on a separate timeline from collection pre-orders, your order will move to follow the longest timeline of the items you've ordered. This ensures that I am still adhering to my quoted production timeline for pre-order collections, and that SQL dyeing won't interfere with that timeline.

If you don't request to combine your SQL order with an existing order, I will ship them each according to their previously quoted production timelines.

Will inclusivity discounts apply to the SQL?

Yes! I will manually apply any applicable inclusivity discount (15% off 6+ skeins of a single colorway / base) prior to shipping. 

Why are not all colorways available in the SQL yet?

My new studio now operates with a warming cabinet versus burners - and with this comes new techniques! My dye method has adapted slightly to accommodate my new set-up, and while subtle if at all, can produce slightly different visuals in colorways. I am working my way through re-trialing SQL colorways to ensure color accuracy and vet any tweaks to recipes so your skeins are perfect and consistent. As soon as a recipe is ready to go and photographed, I'll add it in!

Which bases are photographed in the SQL listings and why?

I have used my sock / fingering base and my baby suri base to re-trial and photograph SQL colorways. I selected these bases because I find they accurately represent the expected visual of a colorway across the widest range of bases - sock / fingering is representative of any superwash bases available (sock, tweed fingering, sport, DK, worsted, and bulky) and baby suri is representative of any non-superwash bases available (non-superwash fingering, non-superwash worsted, and mohair silk). While each base still dyes up with its own unique visuals, these two trialed and photographed bases felt like the most efficient way for me to test and represent colorways. If you have any questions about a specific base, just shoot me an email or DM!

Will SQL skeins match skeins I have in my stash?

I cannot guarantee this due to swapping my production from burner to warming cabinet, and this is why I am re-trialing everything. I recommend you order the amount you need for a project in its entirety from the SQL, versus mixing with existing skeins you have in your stash. While I strive to keep color consistency over the years, the SQL is my opportunity to perfect recipes and create a new color standard go forward and there is a chance this might vary slightly from older productions. However, SQL orders of the same colorway that occur at separate times are intended to match one another, though I still recommend alternating skeins due to dye lot differences.

I need help! Can I email / DM you?

Always! Part of the fun of rebuilding the SQL and creating current color standards for each colorway is the development of a color standard wall in my studio! This means I keep a skein each of sock / fingering and baby suri on hand for auditing each pan I dye, but also to answer any questions you may have - particularly if you want to chat color combinations. I am happy to pull and photograph any combos you want to see to help you create your perfect order!