how to shop

Whether you're new to the world of hand-dyed yarn or just new to Zeezee, read on for a cheat-sheet on how things work around here!


Pre-order listings are dyed-to-order, and will follow an announced production timeline before leaving the studio and heading to you! I use pre-orders for collection releases, as well as for the Sweater Quantity Library. Sweater Quantity orders have a leadtime of 6-8 weeks before shipping, and collections will all have their own, separately announced timeline. While many orders ship earlier than the quoted deadline, please be patient with me and understand that depending on what else is on my plate, the full timeline may be utilized for orders!

Pre-order listings will always have "PRE-ORDER" in the listing title, and have production timelines quoted on the main collection page. You can check on collection progress here!

In stock

In stock, or ready-to-ship listings, are part of my shop inventory and leave the studio no later than 5-7 business days after your order date. In stock skeins are made up of collection and sweater quantity extras, wholesale or vending overflow, and trials or imperfect skeins. I often hang onto inventory until I have enough for a shop update, so occasionally the shop's ready-to-ship section may be hidden - but don't worry, it always comes back around!

In stock listings will always have the shipping timeline quoted within the listing description.

Monthly yarn clubs

Monthly yarn clubs are a fun way to get a surprise each month - in the form of yarn! Subscriptions for the full year open at a discount prior to the club's release, and then once subscriptions close, individual month-to-month listings open to everyone as the year progresses. Listings will show a moodboard to give you an idea of what to expect, and then skeins are shipped out mid month on a base and quantity of your choosing. Are you a subscriber and want to make a change to your subscription? Just log in using your customer portal, or send me an email with what you need!

Colorways will be revealed on my Instagram grid before the next month's moodboard, so as not to ruin any surprises. If you're sharing your yarn before the official reveal, I recommend using spoilers to keep the fun alive for everyone!

If you fall in love with a colorway you didn't order, or decide you want more of one you did, I'll bring back the full yarn club in collection-form in 2025 for pre-order.


Zeezee is new to (yarn) show business, but I'm excited to grow this part of my offering in 2024! Check out the shop schedule for updates on vending appearances, as well general shop releases and collection dates.

Yarn shows will carry a mix of best selling bases and colorways, as well as some fun sneak peeks of future offerings - plus, a chance to meet each other, of course! Since show inventory is often limited, I offer a 10% discount on Sweater Quantity orders purchased on-site at the show.