yarn support & inclusivity


It is important to me that all makers feel supported here in this space - no matter what size you are. I am proud to offer a 15% discount using code SIZE-INCLUSIVE-15 to customers ordering 7+ skeins for a garment project - regardless of base or colorway. I rely on the honor system for this discount code, and I ask that you please only use this discount code if you consider yourself plus size and would benefit from this discount, and check out separately if shopping for additional, non-garment projects. For example, if you are knitting a size M for an oversized top and need 7+ skeins for a project, please refrain from using this discount. However, if you are knitting a plus size top that needs 7+ skeins for a project, this discount exists to help shoulder the additional cost of skeins needed for you to have the perfect fit for your size. It isn't fair for garments to cost you more!

Please note I am choosing to offer this in good faith - and it may not always be perfect in every circumstance! Larger format projects like blankets are not to be used with this discount, since fit is not an issue.

Yarn support for test makers

Apply via Google Form here

There are many factors that can cause test-making a garment to be very exclusive - often, testing timelines are quoted based on the original sample size made, and don't consider how larger sizes require not only more yardage and cost to create, but time to achieve. In addition to sizing, testing can be an expensive project for many makers, and also unfairly play to those with more disposable income, or higher percentages of free time - and this favors those with higher salaries and regular working hours, and can exclude those who may not be able to afford to test, because of lower income and / or working jobs with longer hours.

I am proud to offer discounted yarn support to help anyone who is excited to test for a designer they love! It is SO important to feel included, and I hope this opportunity allows more designers to showcase their patterns tested on different bodies, skintones, and backgrounds. Once again, I ask here that these requests be used in good faith to truly benefit those who need this discount versus someone who can afford the yarn without help.

How will this work? If you choose to test-make a pattern in Zeezee Textiles yarn, I will extend a 25% discount to you for your yarn needs! Fill out the above linked Google Form to get started.

These requests will be dyed-to-order, and will be prioritized for you to be able to receive your yarn in time, so long as your provided timeline and due date are reasonable. These requests will also be assessed with sensitivity to my own schedule and materials, so please understand I may not be able to take on 100% of requests based on inventory requirements and my availability! Finally, I reserve the right to accept or deny applications based on lack of size inclusivity from the designer, offensive or non-inclusive imagery, or taking suspected advantage of yarn support.

Yarn support for designers

I absolutely LOVE to collaborate with designers on their upcoming makes! If you would like to design something using Zeezee Textiles yarn, I would be happy to fully sponsor your yarn materials and shipping, for up to one sample! Please send an email to me with the following, or as much as you may have mapped out thus far:

  • A sketch, swatch, or concept of your design
  • A link to your previous designs, if we are new to working together
  • Your estimated base and yardage requirements you will be needing, and the colorway(s) you wish to use
  • A general estimate of your pattern release date, so that I can plan my schedule for potential in-stock or pre-order needs (often times, makers want the exact yarn and colorway the pattern is released in, and I would love to offer this!)
  • If you would prefer your testers to also use this same yarn and colorway, or other combos from me (I will then extend kit offers to your testers at 25% off)
  • We can suss through any additional details together as we work through the process, like kit releases, any exciting social media opportunities, promoting your design and my yarn together, etcetera
  • Please note I can only offer support for 1 sample - should you wish to create more than 1 sample (in a different size or colorway, for example) yarn will be available to you at a 25% discount!

Additionally, I require the following:

  • Your pattern, if a garment, be inclusively sized to fit bodies over 62" at the bust, including the recommended positive ease from your design
  • You have published at least 1 pattern before the one you'd like yarn support on
  • Your pattern will be sold on at least 1 other platform than Ravelry, due to inclusivity and accessibility concerns

These requests will also be assessed with sensitivity to my own schedule and materials, so please understand I may not be able to take on 100% of requests based on inventory requirements and my availability!

I look forward to getting to work with new faces and designers, and hope to hear from you!