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middlewest solstice countdown boxes

"Middlewest" is a Solstice countdown yarn calendar inspired by the natural beauty of the area in which I grew up: rich with diverse seasons and ever changing flora, each with its own unique palette. As we celebrate the year's longest night and remind ourselves of the sun's path that creates this day, it's fun to think back to the seasons that led up to the Solstice, how they will return once again, and how remarkable it is to live in such a world of color.

Boxes will ship early November!

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the hometowns socks pattern

What it is about socks that feel so much like home? Maybe it’s the way they hug our feet so perfectly, right at home in their place. Or maybe it’s because the second we get home after a long day, the shoes come off and it’s “sock time” (and not in the same ones you’ve worn all day already). Perhaps it’s how they frequently find their way into gifts, for loved ones, whether selected for their cute print that reminded you of someone or lovingly handmade and custom. Either way, I can’t think of a more “homey” garment.

The Hometowns Socks are a jazzed up vanilla sock written for magic loop knitting - with just enough excitement to keep you interested during commercial breaks if you’re a tv show knitter, just simple enough to knit for rounds on end in the car.

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