dye schedule

Check this page to see where I am in the production timeline with pre-order collections. I recommend you look here first before asking about an order status - I have added in the quoted production deadline below for your reference!

If you ordered through the Sweater Quantity Library, this follows its own separate timeline of 4-6 weeks.
THE PAINT + PASTEL COLLECTION: 8-10 weeks, shipping deadline 4/21
Midwinter - 
Snowmelt - 
Meridian - 
Tertiary - 
Earthen - dyed
Primary - 
Verdant - 
Grasslands - dyed
Gloaming - dyed
Harvest - dyed
Snowdrift - 
Hibernal - 
Cadmium Yellow - partially dyed
Corfu - partially dyed
Cyprus - partially dyed
Woad - partially dyed


Dyed - the colorway has been dyed across all bases, including minis

Skeined - the colorway has been twisted up, labeled, shelved, and is ready to be packaged for order fulfillment

Ready to Ship - the colorway is in the process of being fulfilled across orders
**please note this doesn't mean it has shipped - if your order contains more than one colorway, your order will ship once all colorways have reached this stage

Complete - the colorway has been shipped in its entirety across all bases