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OAK kid silk lace

OAK kid silk lace

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Warm rust brown with chocolate speckles.

The forest floor was a carpet, both soft and textured: absorbing sound and insulating the deep woods around it, and yet announcing every step with a defined crunch.

This is an IN STOCK listing and will ship within 5-7 business days from your order date.  

  • 72% kid mohair, 28% silk, 459 yards per skein
  • Kid silk lace base
  • Make me last! Please hand wash in cool water with wool wash and lay flat to dry. Avoid hot water - while all dyes are set before washing and shipping, you don't want to risk any color bleeding! 
  • Due to the nature of hand dyed yarns (and I know that's why you're here), all skeins vary slightly. I've done my best to photograph them in a way that represents what you will be getting as much as possible. If you have any color questions, just ask! Check out the "policies" and "FAQ" pages for more info.