The Fall pre-orer is now closed - thank you all SO much for your support!! Stay tuned for the next announcement!


Tell us about the studio. 

It feels like home! Well - it is home. The studio is located in a smoke-free, dog friendly space - we love pets! However, all yarn is stored separately from pet-populated spaces and washed before making its way to your home.

Now tell us about you.

My name is Rachel, and color has always been very personal to me! I have been knitting for almost 2 decades now, and it has shaped me and become such a pivotal part of my life that I couldn't exist without it. I've dreamed of dyeing up yarn for a little while now, but after getting engaged last year and shifting gears to plan a wedding, things had to take a step back for a bit. I am absolutely loving every moment of expressing myself, my memories, and my emotions through dyes and textiles, and am humbled to share this with you.

What efforts are being made for the environment? Why?

In being close to the fashion industry, I am aware that fast fashion is one of the top causes of water pollution in the world, and so much of this is due to the dyes used for fabrics and yarns, and wastage.

All dyes are all fully exhausted in their dye baths, and if some dye remains, it is then used to dye one-of-a-kind semi solids until that dye is also exhausted. What's left is clear, dye-free water! Because citric acid is used to "set" our dyes, we test the Ph of leftover water and neutralize it with baking soda before pouring it out, so no damage is done.

Additionally, all yarn is air dried, the slow, old fashioned way - no extra energy expended.

All our yarn is made of 100% natural materials - while this means no nylon in sock yarn or special slub yarns, we feel strongly about standing behind natural materials like wool, cotton and silk, because these fibers decompose over time and won't become part of a landfill. A lot of effort goes into hand dyed yarn, just as a lot of effort goes into hand making your final garment, and we want our piece of slow fashion to be environmentally responsible.

Your yarn is mailed out to you in a 100% compostable mailer, and your skein is labeled with a paper tag attached with a bulb pin stitch marker. Our stickers decompose, and are printed with soy ink. Not a single bit of plastic will be a part of your delivery - yes, even the tape for your shipping label is 100% plant derived and compostable!

Is the merino mulesing-free?

Yes! All merino fibers come from farms in Argentina and Uruguay that do not practice mulesing.

How should I take care of my yarn?

While superwash yarns CAN all be washed by machine on a gentle cycle, to truly prolong the longevity if your yarn, please hand wash in cool water with wool wash and lay flat to dry. Avoid hot water - while all dyes are set before washing and shipping, I don't want to risk any color bleeding! Occasionally a super-saturated shade may bleed a bit during your first wash at home - don't worry, it happens, and will rarely stain or change the visual of your yarn! But if it seems excessive, please let me know and I will personally make it right.

I need color help! What can you do?

I am more than happy to answer any color questions, no matter how many or how detailed! My priority is that you love your yarn. Because a digital-first world often comes with slight differences in monitor displays, if you are ever unsure of a color (is it a cool red, or a warm red? Will it go with this skein I own from somewhere else?) - just ask me! I do my best to represent all yarns as accurately as possible, but you just never know how something may appear on a different screen - so I am here to help.

If you order multiple skeins of one colorway, I will do my best to select matching skeins for your order so your project comes out consistent and perfect. I additionally recommend alternating skeins while knitting with color effect yarns for a perfectly blended visual (to avoid pooling, if this is not desired).