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Collection: A Year in Malabar

This collection is dear to me - it celebrates a year in business, one of my very first colorways that set the stage for more to come, and a place that holds special meaning between my fiance and I. Malabar Farm State Park, Ohio, is a working farm where glaciers once carved out the perfect landscape for woodlands, meadows, forests, and caves - created by none other than American author Louis Bromfield. It was the first place my fiance Nick took me to see on my initial trip home with him, because this natural space was home in so many ways growing up. It continues to be a magical place we visit and think of often, and never ceases to provide us necessary rest from urban life and dole out inspiration (though it probably never thought it would become a yarn)! "A Year in Malabar" takes you through each season: from dappled summer woods and pine groves into the audible crunch of rusts and golds underfoot, to snowy shadows and bare winter trees into spring meadows beckoning on wild blooms. Take a walk through Malabar for me, and if you get a little lost, well, it tends to have that beautiful effect.

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